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Planning Applications

See below for information about planning applications.

Notice of planning application for the installation of ground mounted solar PV array and associated infrastructure on land at Winterton Landfill.

Arcus Consultancy Services Ltd has been commissioned by Infinis Solar Developments Ltd. (the Applicant) to prepare an application for the construction of a solar park on land at the closed Ongar landfill. Infinis Solar Developments Ltd. is strategically partnered with FCC Environment, a leading waste and resource management company to complement the existing generation of low carbon power from gas extraction with the development of solar PV on landfill sites. The Applicant is notifying the Parish Council on this proposed development in advance of a planning application being submitted to North Lincolnshire Council (the Council), as the relevant Waste and Minerals Authority.

The proposed site, known as ‘Winterton Solar Park’ would have a generating capacity of approximately 5 Megawatts (‘MW’) and would cover a total area of approximately 13.1 hectares (‘ha’), as shown on the Location Plan below.

3513-REP-006 Fig01 Site Location Opens in a new window

3513-REP-007 Fig02 Site Layout Plan Opens in a new window

Why this Site?

The purpose of the proposed development is to harness solar power to generate electricity and the design of a solar development must take account of potential environmental effects. The proposed development must therefore strike a balance between energy yield and minimising environmental effects. Not every site will be suitable for accommodating solar, and therefore the Applicant has been through a thorough feasibility exercise to assess the suitability of the Site. The potential for installing a solar park at the Site has been assessed through feasibility work, which assessed technical and environmental issues to derive the most appropriate proposed scale, location and infrastructure layout. The solar project would be developed with due consideration to the existing landfill infrastructure and the landfill restoration plan. The use of this brownfield closed landfill site ensures that there is no loss of greenfield land which could otherwise be used for agriculture, the Site has limited uses due to existing gas infrastructure and below ground contamination. The Development would not interfere with the contaminants beneath the capped landfill surface, as there is no requirement for ground excavation with the solar panels likely to be anchored to the ground with concrete footings, or short piles, so as not to impact on the capping. Additionally, infrastructure for both access and grid are already in place.  Views between the Site and nearby settlements are largely screened by the nearby woodland and hedges and trees along the site boundary.The key criteria which have led to the site being selected for solar development include:

  • Solar irradiation levels;
  • Proximity to an existing grid connection with capacity to accept the Development with no or minimal upgrades;
  • Separation from local population;
  • Existing infrastructure including access;
  • Land which due is not suitable for conventional uses (i.e. no loss of agricultural land as the existing gas infrastructure results in limited uses for the Site);
  • Existing screening provided by trees and hedges;
  • Topography;
  • Field size/shading;
  • Access to the site for construction;
  • Absence of national landscape designations;
  • Absence of nature conservation designations;
  • Located within flood zone 1 and so of low flood risk; and
  • The potential for a commercial/land agreement with landowner (FCC).

Following consideration of the above factors and the existing infrastructure within the wider area, the selected site was identified as having very good potential for renewable energy development with minimal environmental impacts. The following environmental surveys and assessments have been carried out and will form part of the planning application when it is submitted:

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, including Phase 1 Habitat Survey and protected species surveys where necessary;
  • Flood Risk Assessment;
  • Landscape and Visual Appraisal;
  • Glint and Glare Study; and
  • Transport Statement.

Should you wish to get in contact with the project team please send an email to the following email address:

WintertonSolarPark@arcusconsulting.co.uk May open an email client if one is installed

Opportunity to make formal comments on the application will be available once the planning application is submitted to the Council and we would be happy to engage with any interested party at that time.


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