Winterton Town sign with a planter in full bloom at its base
Winterton Town Council Offices
The Church clock
Winterton Town Council Noticeboard
A planter in full bloom attached to a lamp post

If you have any events to advertise, content you would like to submit for consideration or would simply like to make a comment about the Winterton Town Council website please contact the Town Clerk on 01724 488085 or by email at: May open an email client if one is installed.

About the Council

Winterton is one of 52 Town/Parish council and parish Meetings in North Lincolnshire and we are the first tier in local government which is closest to the people. Parish and town councils are executive bodies which have statutory powers and duties.  Each is expected to, and often asked to, voice the views of the community that they represent on planning applications, local plans and other issues. They also nominate members to represent the view of the parish on outside bodies and, in turn, report back on the business of the body concerned.

They are frequently expected to lead on projects that will benefit the local community because it is often the only body with access to information and with the resources to take an initiative.

Parish and town council councillors are also required to sign up to the Code of Conduct and, in doing so, pledge to observe the requirements contained within it.

Each Town and Parish Council has a Clerk also known as the  Proper officer.

The Town Council office is at 52 West Street, Winterton. The opening times are 9.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m., Monday to Friday.  If you wish to speak to the Clerk, we advise making an appointment.

Contact us:  By telephone 01724 488085

By email: May open an email client if one is installed

Or through our website contact page, Facebook Winterton Town Council, Twitter @wintertontowncouncil