If you have any events to advertise, content you would like to submit for consideration or would simply like to make a comment about the Winterton Town Council website please contact the Town Clerk on 01724 488085 or by email at: clerk@wintertoncouncil.co.uk.

Your Councillors

Don Johnson, Mayor

Marilynne Harrison, Deputy Mayor

Amanda Bazley

Robert Bridge

Norma King

Elaine Marper

Paul McCartan

Ralph Ogg

Helen Rowson

Click on the link below for Councillors register of interests detailed on the North Lincolnshire Website:

Councillors Register of Interests

Ward Councillors

Cllr Elaine Marper

Phone: 01724 720075
Mobile: 07557 566210
Email: cllr.elainemarper@northlincs.gov.uk

Cllr Ralph Ogg

Phone: 01724 732216
Mobile: 07800 915584
Email: cllr.ralphogg@northlincs.gov.uk

Cllr Helen Rowson

Phone: 01724 720701
Mobile: 07768 636568
Email: cllr.helenrowson@northlincs.gov.uk