Winterton Town Council Committee’s and Working Group List 2016/17



Personnel Committee

Cllr I. Cawsey, Cllr P. Coath, Cllr L. Langton, Cllr V. Mumby, Cllr  J. Ramseyer

Policy and Finance

Cllr I. Cawsey, Cllr L. Cawsey, Cllr M. Foster, Cllr L. Langton, Cllr V. Mumby

Property Committee

Cllr B. Bridge, Cllr F. Fletcher, Cllr M. Foster, Cllr P. Mumby, Cllr M. Harrison

Working Groups


Neighbourhood Planning

Cllr P. McCartan, Cllr P. Mumby, Cllr P. Coath

In Bloom

Cllr B. Bridge, Cllr L. Cawsey, Cllr M Foster, Cllr M. Harrison, Cllr R. Kimberley-Scott

Outside Bodies


Landfill Liaison

Cllr P. McCartan

Neighbourhood Action Team

Cllr V. Mumby, Cllr J. Ramseyer

The Old School Hall

Cllr L. Langton

Senior Citizen Forum

Cllr D. Johnson, Cllr P. McCartan, Cllr R. Kimberley-Scott

Winterton 2022 – Steering Committee

Cllr J. Ramseyer

Winterton 2022 – Partnership Group

Cllr J. Ramseyer, Cllr P. McCartan

Grangefield Estate

Cllr P. McCartan, Cllr M. Harrison

Risk Management

Cllr J. Ramseyer

ERNLLCA/NLC Town & Parish Council Liaison

Cllr D. Johnson, Cllr P.McCartan